Dissemination strategy-workshop



The project aimed at deepening the knowledge and skills of participants of the network of the "Christian Association of Young Women" / YWCA, on how to disseminate their previous media-productions more effectively to achieve a broader impact.
The focus of the workshop was to elaborate the most suitable means of presenting already produced educational videos to the different target groups of the NGO and to come up with a communication plan on how to do this.
Additionally UCF expressed the need to produce an institutional video Previously recorded video footage needed to be systematically put into an archive since past footage was saved without a proper concept.


  • Filming of a participatory institutional video
  • Advanced training of filming-as well as of video-editing-techniques
  • Lectures and discussions on mechanisms and potentials for possible outreach-strategies
  • Elaboration of UCFs target groups in regard to networks, donors and other partners in conjunction with social media campaigns
  • Participants assigned to various groups of responsibility to execute a communication plan in the next years to come.
  • Analysation of already existing video footage

Results & Impact:

  • The Institutional film was finalised and will be used within UCF social media-channels
  • Elaboration of a communication plan where different groups were set to handle forthcoming challenges e.g. “arrangement of public screenings”, “Social Media/Facebook-Communication group”, “Networking”, “Promotion” and “Outreach”-activities.
  • Creation of an UCF-video archive
  • Minibus Media continues to support their students online and is in touch with the students until this day to support the above mentioned challenges.


  • Year
  • Country
  • Duration
    1 week
  • Employees
  • Participants
  • Services
    Participatory Video Workshop/Communication strategy
  • Resources
    Christian Aid/Irish Aid/Sennheiser
  • Partner
    UCF (Female Christian Union) / YWCA

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