Maza Yi Moyo - Water is Life

Participatory Video and Citizen journalism-project


The training aimed to train a group of eight “Anglican Church of Angola“-activists in the basics of participatory video production and citizen journalism.The video was related to the Maza yi Moyo (“Water is life“)-project; what was achieved and how it effects its beneficiaries.
This initiative in itself is working to create community-managed improved water and to promoto household adoption of improved sanitation and hygiene practices in the Songo Municipality within the Uíge Province, in Angola.


  • Introduction to video-activism, its possibilities and its impact
  • Introduction to the language of film
  • Pre-production, production and post-production of the participatory video
  • Video-activism in Uige and how to reach Episcopal Relief and Developments target audiences
  • Implementation of public screening

Results & Impact:

  • Production of a Participatory video on Episcopal Relief and Developments WASH-inititive
  • Empowerment of eight staff members to form the “Anglicana Media-Unit“
  • Hand over of technical tools to ensure continous video-production to partner-organisations
  • Distribution infrastruction has been established to ensure local and worldwide distributions of video productions of the “Anglicana Media-Unit“


  • Year
  • Country
  • Duration
    2 weeks
  • Employees
  • Participants
  • Services
    Workshop on PV-technics and video activism/ citizen journalism
  • Resources
    Episcopal Relief and Development
  • Partner
    Anglicana Church in Angola

    Project videos

    Maza Yi Moyo- Water is lifeMaza Yi Moyo- Water is lifeMaza Yi Moyo - Trailer

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    Mirella Domenich
    Founder and director of Communication for Development
    SHIN CA 08 Bloco E
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