Angola on its way to the parliamentary elections

Video-Documentary/Citizen-Journalism-Workshop for the production of an eductional film


In 2008, Minibus Media worked with the Angolan NGO Omunga to continue its training with the “journalist brigade” with focus on script-writing, filming and video-editing. This training was the second endeavor implemented with them.


  • Training of 8 young activists in filming, video-editing, script-writing and conducting of interviews
  • Filming over 20h of interviews with a multitude of stakeholders in Benguela and Luanda provinces
  • Dubbing of the film in six local languages (Portuguese, Cokwe, Umbundo, Kimbundo, Kikongo & Kwanyama)


  • Production of the 20 minuntes educational-participatory film "Angola on its way to the parliamentary elections"
  • Distribution of 1000 copies to local organisations and the Angolan Electoral Commission for electoral education activities
  • Additionally to the film, an accompanying booklet came with the DVD to assist educators in their educational activities.
  • All material produced was posted for download on a blog, this way providing digital access to the film worldwide.
  • More than 3500 people in Angola have watched the DVD followed by guided discussions facilitated by Omunga and its local partners.


  • Year
  • Country
  • Duration
    2 x 3 weeks
  • Employees
  • Participants
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  • Resources
    Dutch Embassy in Luanda, Trocaire, Christian Aid, CordAid
  • Partner
    Associação Omunga, Brigada de Jornalistas link:

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