E a Luta ainda continua...

Documentary Production with focus on the 2014 Mozambican Presidential Elections


In 2004, Minibus Media produced the documentary “And the struggle still continues…”, during the year of the Mozambican general elections.
The story is told from the perspective of the Brazilian journalist Mirella Domenich, who has previously worked as a volunteer in Mozambique. A country,which like Brazil, was also colonised by the Portuguese, hence sharing many cultural similarities. With the third general elections being prepared, the documentary shows her travelling throughout the country. The candidates promise change, even though the country is not economically self-sustainable: 60% of the State budget is provided by foreign donors. And these donors claim that the elections could be rigged. Domenich has many doubts on her mind; how far does the outcome of the elections actually contribute in any way to those mostly in need ? She visits the orphaned children with whom she has worked with before in Beira and joins three teenage-friends who will cast their vote for the first time. With them she visits the offices of the main political parties to find out what they are standing for within these elections. During an interview, she becomes aware that her friends do not know much about their own country s past and that there are many versions available, depending on who tells the story. Then she encounters another disclosure...

And the struggle still continues...


  • Recording over 60 hours of raw footage
  • Interviews with main stakeholders, from candidates to international experts
  • Production of a DVD with subtitles in English and in Portuguese
  • Distribution of the video via internet-streaming or for free download


  • Production of a 58 minutes documentary called “And the struggle still continues…”, about the third general elections in Mozambique in 2004. The film is available in Portuguese and in English.
  • Various screenings of the video to the Mozambican expatriate-society living in Germany/Berlin
  • Distribution of the film to various Civil Society organisations in Mozambique, international community, researchers
  • Presentation at the Black International Film festival with appearance by the Mozambican Embassador to Germany
  • More than 1.200 downloaded versions of the film from users in different countries


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    4 weeks
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    Production of a documentary film
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    LAM, Polana Serena Hotel
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    Mirella Domenich
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